We Deliver Only The Best

At CRFS, we are dedicated to staying ahead of complex and continuously changing regulations, providing expert consultation and above all, delivering undoubtedly better results.

Our management solutions are proven to increase recovery and operational productivity and our streamlined filing process is of the highest quality, ensuring compliance across all post-foreclosure default related services. Even with our quick turnaround, quality and compliance are never sacrificed.

  • FHA Post-Foreclosure Claims

    Our end-to-end post-foreclosure claim solutions commence at foreclosure sale and conclude at receipt of final proceeds. Feedback and recommendations for improvements are continuously provided to our clients throughout the process in order to avoid similar future losses. We exhaust all avenues to reduce claim curtailments—performance that has delivered multiple zero HUD audits and back page improvements in excess of 1 million dollars combined with a consultative approach provides unparalleled value. CRFS Offer the following FHA Claims:


    • 27011 Part A
    • 27011 Part B-E
    • FHA Single Family Loan Sales (SFLS)
    • Claim Without Conveyance of Title (CWCOT)
    • Supplemental Claims Deed-in-Lieu
    • Pre-Foreclosure Sale (PFS)
  • Investor Claims

    In the rapid changing loan administration environment managing the diversity of investor requirements while maintaining operational efficiency can be challenging and expensive for Servicers. Our ability to react immediately to those changing environments while maintaining efficiency and quality allows us to consistently meet and exceed client expectations. Our services cover the entire spectrum of investor claims including: Fannie Mae (FNMA), Freddie Mac (FHLMC), USDA, and many more Private Investors.


    • Preparation & Submission of Interim, Initial and Final Investor Claims
    • Monitoring of REO Disposition and Weekly Reports
    • Review of Claim Payments
  • Loss Mitigation Claims

    Loss Mitigation initiatives have become a major industry focal point that continues to apply operational and resource pressure on both mature and newly founded Servicers. Our proven loss mitigation claim solutions, knowledge and expertise ease those pressures—streamlining and reducing daily workflow, and ensuring regulatory compliance — maximizing investment returns.


    • Partial Claims
    • Modification Claims
    • HAMP Claims
  • Loss Analysis Review

    In this ever-demanding market, it is extremely important for all Servicers and Investors to ensure that losses are being identified and communicated. With our extensive expertise and knowledge, we can.


    • Review all Explanation of Benefit and Payment advices to identify potential recoverability
    • Identify and itemize losses and charge-offs
    • Identify potential bill-back
    • Provide feedback to reduce losses, increase productivity and identify process improvement and efficiencies
  • Primary and Pool Mortgage Insurance Claims

    Our leading Mortgage Insurance (MI) filing processes deliver high productivity and when coupled with our expertly trained and determined payment follow-up professionals, fund recovery is realized.


    • Preparation & Submission of Primary Pool and Supplemental Mortgage Insurance Claims
    • PMI, Pool and Supplemental Claim Perfection, Payment Follow-up and Supplemental Explanation of Benefit Review (EOB)
  • VA Post-Foreclosure Claims

    By continuously investing in training, we have been highly successful in securing the best overall quality of any claim filing management outsourcer in the market today. To ensure we continue to be instrumental in providing actionable feedback our VA Post-Foreclosure Professionals routinely attend Valeri Training—just one example of commitment to quality which goes beyond traditional means.


    • Preparation & Submission of Transfer of Custody
    • Title Package Submission
    • Preparation & Submission of VA Claims
    • Loss Mitigation Claims
    • Review of VA Advice of Payments
  • Strategic Partnerships and Relationships

    Through our years of experience and deep industry contacts CRFS has developed partnerships with other industry leaders to provide our clients with a full suite of solutions to the common problems faced by many servicers today. When taken advantage of, these partnerships allow for a more streamlined process- resulting in a more timely recovery of funds, a reduced write-off of fees and costs and ultimately an improvement on the bottom-line.

    In addition to our partnerships, CRFS also maintains a very active role within industry as a whole. Throughout the year you’ll find CRFS at the various industry events and conferences. CRFS not only attends these events, but we are also an active participant in numerous panels and discussions which these events hold. This allows CRFS to continue to develop key relationships with regulators as well as share its industry expertise with others. Our relationship with these regulators has allowed us to obtain documented clarifications to ambiguous regulations and make sure that our clients are protected.

A word from our customers

“The team at CRFS went above and beyond for us. With a tight deadline, they were able to optimize our recovery efforts while performing exemplary work, and we never felt left behind or in the dark -- they were with us every step of the way. Partnering with such a committed team made a huge difference for our company.”

— Valued Client