Foreclosures are on the rise, is your default inventory ready to meet HUD’s foreclosure timelines?

Foreclosure activity is on the rise. If you’re a servicer, it’s time to take action. Are you prepared to meet HUD’s foreclosure timelines and avoid potential losses? If not, CRFS has the solution you need. Introducing the Default Timeline Manager – a smart platform that integrates automation with human expertise to keep your default inventory on track. From Default Day 60, the Default Timeline Manager provides real-time analytics and comprehensive reporting at both the FHA loan and portfolio levels, mitigating avoidable delays and reducing financial exposure and compliance risk.

Don’t let your default portfolio fall behind the curve. Stay ahead of the game with the Default Timeline Manager. Contact our Director of Innovation, Ryan Lasal, at to learn more about how we can help your team today.

And for more information on the rise of foreclosure activity, check out the article on DS News: