CRFS Recaps Changes VA is Making to the VALERI System

The VA is moving the VALERI system to a new platform that will be available May 28th, 2019. The transition to the new platform will greatly impact the VA claims submission process, so we would like to share the transition timeline we have received.

  • April 1st : last round of post audit selections until after the new platform is launched. Tentative date to resume is July 1st.
    • Higher volumes can be expected once the process does resume since the selection will include the full time period
  • April 27th : claim processing and appeals will not be available until the May 28th go-live date
    • VA expects that any claims that will become 365-days-due within this time period are submitted before April 27th
  • May 15th : TOC’s will not be generated until the May 28th go-live date. VALERI will be read-only during this time period.
    • Any TOC’s due within this time period can be appealed within a week of the go-live date. We recommend that any loans that have termination events completed before May 15th are referred immediately to avoid late TOC’s.
    • After the May 28th go-live date, events cannot be reported manually. This means that TOC events will be submitted the using the Bulk Upload Template.
  • The VA is expecting that servicers will be able to begin the process for obtaining access to the new platform before the go-live date and is targeting May 1st. Individual users will need to be set-up with access by a company administrator and we are recommending that be completed before the go-live date.

The VA will continue to share information and updates as we get closer to the transition date, and would like to remind servicers that they host a Monthly Servicer call on the second Thursday of each month. If you do not have this on your calendar, you may reach out to the VALERI Help Desk to request an invite at

CRFS will continue to monitor the updates as well and will communicate updates as they are received.