At CRFS, we want you to avoid claim losses that can be controlled. Relying on our industry and regulatory expertise, we review and analyze recent claims to provide customized recovery recommendations. We use this information to deliver a three-fold benefit to our Loss Analysis clients - identify uncontrollable vs. controllable (avoidable) losses, submit controllable losses for reimbursement or vendor bill-back, and recommend process remediation and improvements for future claims. Here’s how we maximize your recoveries with our Toolkit:

CRFS Loss Analysis – What’s in the Toolkit?

CRFS has unrivaled expertise in filing both Primary and Pool Mortgage Insurance (MI) Claims with all the MI Carriers, including:

  • Loan level review—Information is reviewed and classified to identify recoveries and losses, as well as potential refunds to avoid HUD Audit findings
  • Loan loss breakdown—Losses are classified as controllable (avoidable) or uncontrollable (unable to be influenced by server action), and specific reasoning and responsible parties are identified, if applicable
  • Explanation of Benefit and Payment Advices review—Potential recoverability is determined
  • Quality control process—Pre-submission QC reviews of non-CRFS filed claims are completed to minimize controllable losses and costly mistakes
  • Post-claim review and analysis—Losses are thoroughly reviewed and potential bill-back and supplemental recovery opportunities are presented to the client
  • Remediation recommendations—Strategies are recommended to improve processes and increase efficiencies

A complete array of services that explain existing or potential losses

Deep Dive Timeline Review

  • Timeline analysis, inclusive of reviewing supporting documentation and backup as validation
  • Output identifies missed timeframes, curtailment date and amount as well as the next actionable step in the process

Post Claim Loss Analysis Review

  • Final analysis of expenses remaining on the loan after final claim payment
  • Loss categorization between Controllable and Uncontrollable losses with Executive Level Summary and itemized, loan level reporting