a process that works

Over the past 20 years, we’ve developed a proven process, filing thousands of claims per month and recovering hundreds of millions of dollars on average per year. We’re committed to building strong client relationships by consistently delivering quality workmanship and fast, efficient service.

We don’t just stop once the minimums are reached—we push to exceed the expectations of every client. And we exceed an astonishing 98% of the time.

recover more dollars–faster

CRFS is uniquely structured to scale to your operation. Unlike most in-house departments, we can quickly assemble “all hands on deck” to gear up for your work flow. On average, CRFS recovers thousands of dollars per file for our clients, so investing in CRFS actually improves your portfolio ROIs.

From the very start of each implementation, we lay out a detailed, customized strategy. We make sure at the start of every client engagement that the most effective and relevant processes are put in place, including comprehensive Quality Control and Quality Assurance routines. This helps ensure that recoveries and savings are maximized and risk exposure is minimized from day one of your project.

regulatory compliance experts

Our dedicated compliance team closely monitors and assesses regulatory updates that impact investor and insurer timeframes, guidelines, client recoverability, potential audit risks, as well as the default timelines. Additionally, we provide meaningful ongoing compliance updates to investors, insurers, clients, and industry partners.

“I had the pleasure to work with the CRFS team in connection with an expansive claim-related quality assurance and training engagement. The CRFS team were consummate professionals, conducting extensive, front-to-back reviews of property preservation, claim-invoice processing, claim preparation, claim quality, and loss analysis functions. CRFS delivered exemplary results, providing cohesive feedback and results ahead of schedule along with comprehensive, customized, and flexible training sessions for operational and production staff members across five cross-functional investor claims teams. CRFS represents the standard, delivering best-in-class result as the trusted industry expert within the complex space of investor/insurer claims.”

Principal Consultant
KAC Advisory, LLC.