Sean Snook

Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Sean joined CRFS in December of 2007. Throughout his career at CRFS, Sean has held numerous management positions throughout the organization, including Training and Development and Servicing Operations. Sean currently oversees the company’s Compliance and Internal Auditing, as well as the Operation and Production areas.

As CRFS’ Chief Operating Officer, Sean is tasked with the executive responsibility of ensuring all operational areas are current and compliant with existing regulatory policies/procedures. The teams he oversees are responsible for monitoring various industry websites and communication channels to identify upcoming changes, maintaining the change management protocol when changes are identified, as well as scheduling internal audits to validate the effectiveness of the established procedures and controls and ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory agencies. Sean also has executive responsibility for the Operation and Production areas of the company and leadership of the Business Analysis team.

Prior to joining CRFS, Sean held numerous roles at North American Mortgage Company as well as Washington Mutual Bank. Sean has worked in the financial services industry since 1999.