CRFS Delivers White Paper on Revitalizing Communities at Recent New York MBA Event, Offers Free White Paper Download

CRFS Co-founder Jodi Gaines delivered a White Paper as part of the New York Mortgage Bankers Association’s recent Forum on Revitalizing Communities and Forging New Partnerships. The event provided a starting point for positive discussion on revitalizing communities and minimizing the impact of zombie properties, and featured experts in the fields of fast-track foreclosure law, property preservation, mortgage loan servicing as well as elected officials and community stakeholders. Neighborhood reinvestment platforms and tools to rehabilitate properties in New York were explored in the workshop that was attended by an engaged audience interested in improving communities throughout New York.

The potential solutions discussed in the event and detailed in the White Paper are applicable not just to communities in New York State, and the options available should be of interest to mortgage servicers throughout the country.

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