CRFS is the industry leader in Investor and GSE claims processing outsourcing and consulting. Founded in 2002 with a focus on timely claim filing, maximizing recovery, and reducing losses, the company has grown from one employee in 2002 to a full-time staff of over 230 professionals. Over the past 15 years we’ve developed a proven process, filing thousands of claims each month and recovering hundreds of millions of dollars per year for our clients. We don’t just stop once the minimums are reached — we push to exceed the expectations of every client.

Full Suite of Services

CRFS has tremendous expertise across the entire continuum of FNMA (Fannie), FHLMC (Freddie) and Private Investor Claims and related services including:

  • Initial
  • Final
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Supplemental
  • Non-Performing (NPL) Sale
  • Re-Performing (RPL) Sale
  • Reinstatement Claims
  • Paid in Full Claims
  • Bankruptcy Claims

CRFS processes all its Investor and GSE claims electronically, and can provide a full Explanation of Benefits (EOB) summary on these types of claims. Our unmatched ability to manage large claim volumes quickly and accurately will improve the ROI in your claims area.

Corporate Quality Control Program

To ensure that your Investor and GSE claims are submitted accurately and in full compliance with all regulatory requirements, CRFS has an industry leading Quality Control program consisting of two standalone processes:

Process One: Pre-submission In-line QC Review

  • 100% review
  • Conducted pre-claim submission within Operations
  • Errors identified, tracked and returned to the processors for corrections which then get submitted back through the QC review process again

Process Two: Post-submission Quality Assurance Review

  • Review of random, statistical sampling each month
  • Conducted post claim submission within Compliance
  • Errors identified, tracked and returned to Operations for review and remediation plans and coaching
  • Remediation plans are reviewed by Compliance, Training and Process Improvement
  • Training, procedure updates, job aides and process notifications are completed and distributed to staff