crfs to exhibit at upcoming mba servicing solutions conference & expo

CRFS is excited to announce that we’ll again be exhibiting at the 2023 MBA Servicing Solutions Conference and Expo taking place Tuesday, February 21st through Friday, February 24th in sunny Orlando, FL. We’re pleased to once again be onsite at Booth 314 in the HUB, and are looking forward to reuniting with our clients and partners at the largest Servicer event in the industry. Click on the below button to learn more about the event and register to attend.

Since our founding in 2002, we have grown to become the leader in claims management solutions.  Our services include pre- and post-foreclosure FHA, VA, Conventional (FNMA/FHLMC), mortgage insurance (MI), Pool, and USDA claims management, loss analysis review and processing, and consulting for lenders and investors.  At the CRFS booth you’ll be able to meet live with our team and join us as we introduce our Default Timeline Manager.  Featuring a reliable, repeatable “smart” automated process that commences at Default Day 60, this new solution from CRFS provides real time analytics and comprehensive reporting at the FHA loan and portfolio through the life of default that will help mitigate the avoidable delays that cost servicers and investors money.   

Our unmatched quality, timeliness and experience will reduce losses, maximize recoveries and allow the reallocation of vital internal resources. By offering a diverse mix of products and services, designed to function both independently or in a bundled approach, we increase the total value received on an investment made in us.

We very much look forward to connecting with our industry partners in Orlando next month.  If you’re attending, please drop us a line at and we’ll schedule a time to connect.

crfs 4th quarter real world case study – mi claims project

                     CRFS REAL WORLD CASE STUDY 2022-04                     MI CLAIMS PROJECT

  • Client:           Non-bank mortgage servicer
  • Challenge:    As year-end approached, our client was faced with a significant population of aged MI claims that were past the technical due date and needed to be submitted to multiple MI carriers for review and disposition. The carriers were pressing our client to submit the claims ASAP or risk losing the opportunity to secure any recoveries. Due to the specific claim filing requirements the individual MI carriers maintain, client leadership was concerned it lacked the in-house resources necessary to complete the project in the timeframe required. The client had worked with CRFS in the past and re-engaged with us to develop a solution to a problem with meaningful financial implications.
  • Solution:       CRFS and the client were able to finalize an agreement quickly, and immediately went to work on the technical and operational elements of the partnership including access to the various MI carrier sites. Working closely with the client’s technology and LOB leadership, we were able to compress the typical implementation window from an average of roughly 60 days to less than 45 days. Once we’d received the first set of referrals, CRFS was able to onboard, process, QC and successfully submit the first claim package in five business days.  As the project continued and volumes increased, the client provided comprehensive training on key internal systems which allowed the CRFS team to work the claims quicker. CRFS and the client also implemented an effective process to address a growing number of missing critical documents, which further accelerated the claim review and submission process.
  • Value Add:    With early and ongoing support from the client, CRFS was able to expedite the administrative and operational elements of the new client onboarding to facilitate a much quicker-than-usual referral of an aged population of MI claims. Within 45 days of going live with the project, CRFS had ingested nearly 150 claims across multiple MI carriers and is on target to submit the entire population within 90 days of referral. From an ROI perspective, the submitted claims are reliably clearing the carrier review process and are generating recoveries that greatly exceed the filing costs.  The success of this project has led the client to expand the relationship with CRFS to include additional claim types.

CRFS Celebrates 20 Years

Grateful to you for the past 20 years, and ready for the next 20

CRFS’ 20th anniversary celebration continues throughout December and we couldn’t be more thankful for our dedicated staff and the industry partnerships we have developed.


Trusted partnerships with dozens of industry leaders

20 years as the established leader of post-default claims management comes in no small part from the relationships built with our clients and strategic partners – their success is our success.  Our passion to support and grow relationships with new and long-standing clients alike fosters mutual long term success. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with industry-leading clients and partners, and we appreciate and celebrate the trust they place in our processes and people.


Dedication to – and from – our employees

CRFS remains committed to our most valuable resource—our employees, and many of them have demonstrated an equal level of dedication that can be measured not in years but decades.

  • 35 employees are celebrating 10 or more years of service in 2022, many of whom have grown their careers while at CRFS
  • The majority (63%) of our Executive Team was promoted from within, with an average tenure of 7 years, including our Chief Operating Office (15 years) and Director of Operations (13 years)
  • Our Compliance and Customer Relations Managers respectively have 18 years of service with CRFS, bringing remarkable industry and technical knowledge to their roles


Looking back, and moving forward

It is impossible not to look back and be grateful for the past 20 years of industry success, but CRFS never stops moving forward.  Enthusiasm, commitment, and passion for our work drives continuous improvement and innovation, including:

  • A nationwide remote staffing model, expanding our recruiting pool and ensuring access to the best talent
  • Rapid response to the changing claims landscape, including FHA Emergency Loss Mitigation claim, VA Partial claim, and whatever is in store in the post-pandemic environment
  • Significant and ongoing technology investments in our claim submission and workflow automation platforms, pairing our experienced staff with state of the art technology

Client partnership and collaboration coupled with a proven track record of success make CRFS the continued leader in post-default claims management outsource and consulting solutions. Click here for more details on how CRFS continues to Maximize Your Financial Results While Minimizing Risk. If you have questions, please contact us.

Best wishes for much success in 2023

crfs 20th anniversary approaching

December 2022 will mark CRFS’ 20th year in the post-default segment of the residential mortgage servicing industry. In that time, CRFS has grown to become the recognized leader in post-default claims management outsource and consulting solutions.

And over the past 20 years, two things have remained constant: our industry continues to change rapidly and, more importantly, CRFS remains committed to meeting the changing needs of our clients with innovative services, an outstanding team of experienced professionals and a dedication to delivering the highest quality work on time – every time.

To learn how CRFS maximizes financial results while minimizing risk, take a look at CRFS By The Numbers. Or contact us to connect with someone from the CRFS team.


crfs to sponsor and attend national property preservation conference in washington dc

CRFS is proud to be sponsoring and attending the National Property Preservation Conference taking place this week in our nation’s capital.  This important event is the mortgage industry’s only forum dedicated to collaborating on how best to preserve and protect vacant and abandoned properties.  The CRFS team will include Senior Manager of Client Relations Becki Gibson, Director of Operations Stacy Newell, and Chief Revenue Officer Jeffrey Clark.  If you’re heading to Washington for the conference please take a moment to say hello to the CRFS team, or give us a shout ahead of time (585-589-8946 or through our contact us page) and we’ll arrange time to meet and discuss ways we help our clients work through their default and foreclosure inventories.

To learn more about the NPPC event, visit their website here…



crfs attending mba annual conference and expo in nashville oct 23 – 26

The CRFS team is excited to be a participant at the upcoming MBA Annual Conference and Expo taking place Sunday, October 23rd until Wednesday, October 26th in Nashville, TN.  We have three senior CRFS staff attending – President Steve Mowers, SVP Chief Revenue Officer Jeffrey Clark, and Director of Innovation Ryan Lasal – who are all looking forward to the opportunity to connect with their clients and partners at this important industry event.  If you are also planning to attend, let us know (585-589-8946 or through our contact us page) and we can coordinate a meeting.

To learn more about the MBA Annual Conference, visit their website at


crfs 3rd quarter 2022 real world case study – va partial claim




  • Client:            Traditional bank mortgage servicer
  • Challenge:     The VA Partial Claim Payment (VAPCP) is a temporary program that is intended to assist Veteran borrowers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to resume making their regular (pre-COVID) mortgage payments after exiting forbearance. The VAPCP program was introduced by the VA in July 2021, and unless extended the program is scheduled to expire in October, 2022.  In Q2 2022 the client (who was new to CRFS in 2022) approached CRFS with a significant backlog of VA Partial claims, which was not a claim type that CRFS had previously filed for the client.  Client leadership, faced with the prospect of working down significant volume in a claim type that was new to them, was not confident it had adequate available internal resources or expertise to deliver on what had become a time sensitive project due to the impending program deadline. As part of their transition to CRFS, the client engaged company leadership to assist with this critical project.
  • Solution:        Within 30 days of the initial onboarding of the client, CRFS was able to deploy a team experienced with VA Partial claims to support the project and begin receiving the claim population. As additional clients began soliciting support from CRFS for this claim type and overall volumes escalated, the company’s Innovation Office and IT Team in partnership with a third-party technology vendor finalized and rolled-out an enhanced Claims Management platform that included functionality for the VA Partial claim.  This new platform introduced significant operational efficiencies including streamlined and standardized data entry, bulk upload of individual claims to the Valeri system, and the potential to implement quality control audits in bulk which will greatly expedite the QC process.  Additionally, CRFS’ access to a national footprint of experienced remote employment candidates allowed it to quickly expand its processing and QC operations to handle the claims management needs of multiple VA Partial claim clients.
  • Value Add:     The CRFS Client Relations Team was able to expedite the initial onboarding of this new client to facilitate a much quicker-than-usual referral of their VA Partial claim population. Operations leadership then quickly allocated experienced VA claim analysts to accommodate the client’s need to rapidly reduce their backlog and maximize recoveries in advance of looming VA deadlines.  Within the first two months of the project CRFS had submitted or was actively working over 200 VA Partial claims for the client with an average recovery per claim several times higher than the cost, with total production capacity currently at 400 claims per month.

To download a printable PDF version of this and previous CRFS case studies, visit our complete resource library here.

crfs attending five star conference and expo in dallas

Claims Recovery Financial Services, LLC Executive Team members are having a great time in Dallas for Evolve: The 2022 Five Star Conference and Expo, which concludes tomorrow, Tuesday, September 20th.  If you are also attending, be sure to connect with Jeffrey Clark and Ryan Lasal, MSL and say hello!

Jeffrey Clark and Ryan Lasal at Evolve: The 2022 Five Star Conference and Expo

crfs 2nd quarter 2022 real world case study – fnma rpl claim project



  • Client:              Large non-bank mortgage servicer
  • Challenge:      On a recurring basis FNMA, under the direction of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), will execute Re Performing Loan (RPL) sales with approved FNMA servicers to reduce the number of delinquent loans held in its inventory. The sales not only positively impact FNMA’s balance sheet but equally importantly help drive more favorable outcomes for borrowers and local communities. Starting in Q4 2021 our client engaged CRFS to manage approximately 40,000 claims that would need to be filed as a result of its participation in multiple RPL sales during 2021.
  • Solution:          Leveraging its national recruiting footprint CRFS added experienced production and Quality Control staff to the team overseeing the FNMA RPL Claims workflow and delivered customized training to equip the new hires with the skills and knowledge to do the work. This expanded workforce coupled with meaningful technology enhancements to its Claims Management System (CMS) increased CRFS’ claims submission output threefold to ensure it would meet the agreed upon project deadlines.
  • Value Add:        CRFS was able to quickly deploy a high performing team to meet the ongoing claims management needs of its client in support of completed and future RPL sales. Additionally, the staffing and operational solution put in place by CRFS controlled costs while maximizing the financial opportunity for the client. The per unit cost to the client is a fraction of the average recovery per claim, ensuring the engagement continues to deliver a positive ROI.

To download a printable PDF version of this and previous CRFS case studies, visit our complete resource library here.

crfs announces 3rd and 4th quarter conference and trade show schedule